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About S•B•L Jewelry

S•B•L Jewelry collects, makes, and distributes fine jewelry to raise funds for the anti-genocide non-profit Jewish World Watch. 100% of the proceeds go to the organization.

S is for Save. B is for Build. L is for Live.

S•B•L Jewelry seeks to provide a sustainable way to recycle jewelry, to create an original fine jewelry line, to provide a socially responsible business platform from which consumers can acquire jewelry, and to become a go-to website for charitable jewelry gifts. 

About Jewish World Watch

JWW is a leading organization in the fight against genocide and mass atrocities, representing 375,000 people across the United States. Since its founding in 2004, JWW has grown from a collection of Southern California synagogues into a national coalition that includes schools, churches, individuals, communities and partner organizations that share a vision of a world without genocide. The organization has raised millions of dollars to improve the lives of survivors of genocide and mass atrocities in Congo and Sudan, and educate communities across America to advocate for political change.

As many S•B•L Jewelry supporters will note, the proceeds used to go directly to JWW's rape-prevention Solar Cooker Project. However, due to a change in circumstances on the ground in the Chad refugee camps, where the Darfuri refugees are living, the focus of donations to JWW have now shifted as well, to the general organization, to better help support the refugees. We are now seeing that the refugees' food rations have been cut significantly -- officially to 800 calories per person/per day, with refugees reporting receiving as little as 250-500 -- making the situation in the camps dire. 

The Solar Cooker Project was established because JWW was appalled that women and young girls were risking sexual violence as they searched for firewood outside the camps. By providing refugees with solar cookers, they were able to stay within the relative safety of the camps. With the onslaught of this food crisis, many refugees are again being forced to leave the camps as they search for ways to increase their food rations above starvation levels. Food insecurity, which may quickly lead to starvation if not addressed, is now the primary and most immediate safety and security risk to theses refugees.

As such, JWW is responding by:

  • advocating for increasing food rations via high-level and grassroots channels; 
  • developing programs that will best protect and empower the refugee population under these new circumstances; and
  • incorporating new strategies to keep women and girls safe from sexual violence.

As a result, JWW is suspending the Solar Cooker Project and turning their resources to addressing the refugees' basic food needs. 

To learn more about the path of S•B•L Jewelry's Founder, Shelby Layne, and her involvement in JWW, please click here


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